Where Saints Have Prayed


Tours are normally scheduled in advance and usually last no more than 45 minutes. Please call for an appointment. If your tour is large (40 - 45 people) and you are arriving by motor coach, the coach is permitted to park directly in front of the church as long as the driver stays with the bus.

To arrange for a personal tour for your school or church group during any other time, please call the office at 410-685-6090.

If your tour is scheduled for the morning, please be advised that it is strongly recommended that the coordinator call the office the day before the tour to see if a funeral has been scheduled. Funerals take precedence over tours. The tour time may have to be changed.

All tours are expected to begin at the scheduled appointed time.  Be on time - or - lose some time!

Tour times:  In the morning beginning as early as 9:00 am (must be over by 11:30 am due to confessions) and after 1:00 pm until 2:30 pm.