Where Saints Have Prayed

Monsignor's Letter

The National Shrine of St. Alphonsus Liguori

114 W. Saratoga St.

Baltimore,MD 21201



Easter, 2017


Dear Beloved of St. Alphonsus: 

  From Lent:

               Jesus promised those of us “who are weary and heavily burdened” that He “will refresh” us.  I am sure that you have had your own crosses to bear and have prayed over any obstacles that have been in your path to salvation.  Prayer and faith is crucial for getting through the tough times.  During the special time of Lent we were asked to come closer to Christ, to understand what love He had and has for us, to follow His Way even to the Cross.  We can accept daily crosses as Jesus accepted His Cross for the love of us.

  To Easter:

               And now Easter is upon us.  A time of celebration because the promises Jesus has made us are coming to fruition!  He rose from the dead and just has his Resurrection overcame the obstacle of His bodily death, so His Resurrection shows us that through the power of prayer and sacrifice we can overcome the “death” sin brings to each and every one of us.  Easter is a new beginning – a joyful experience of life over death! 

               And so, as we begin this season seeking the blessings that can be ours and seeking the peace in today’s world, you have my prayers and love and I ask that you be especially generous to the Shrine of St. Alphonsus at this Easter-time, recognizing the age of our building and the great amount of maintenance and restoration that it needs. 

              God bless you and your loved ones as we will be united in the Easter Mass.  My prayers are with you and your families and each one will be remembered at the Masses celebrated here at St. Alphonsus.

                                                                          God’s Blessings and Love,       

                                                                         Msgr. Arthur W. Bastress, P.A.